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    Hey! I'm Kiten23 and the co-owner of this website! I have been playing Club Penguin since July 2007. Hope you like the site! My favorite servers are Christmas, Crystal, Mammoth and Snowmobile!

New Server!

I don’t know if this server has been here before, but when I went on today, there was a new server and it is called Zipline! It was full of course, but tell us if you got on it! What’s your favorite server? Comment and let us know!


Holiday Party 2010

Hey Everyone!

Sorry there hasn’t been very many posts for the Holiday Party! Well, here are some updates:

If you go into the town or plaza, there is an arrow that points down to a path. If you walk to it, it will say “Loading ???” Once you enter the room, it is a Big Christmas tree! I guess that is this party’s secret room!

For all of the Free Items, check out the free items page! (Top of the Screen 🙂 )

Thanks Everyone! Enjoy the Holiday Party!

What’s New Blog: Holiday party Sneek Peek

Today Billybob posted on the What’s New Blog some pictures about the Holiday Party! They said:

Hello Penguins! There’s only a few more days left until the Holiday Party! We’ve got some new surprises planned for this year. Take a look! Some of your favorite rooms and activities will be returning to!

Make sure to check out the What’s New Blog to get all of the Club Penguin Updates!

Make sure to comment and let us know what you can’t wait to do at the Holiday Party. It’s my favorite party of the year! What’s yours?

What’s New Blog- Thanks For Voting!

Today Billybob posted on the what’s new blog that Club Penguin won the BAFTA award for best children’s website! The BAFTA is the British Academy for Film and Television Awards. Thank you to everyone who voted and Club Penguin deserved this award! Good job Club Penguin!

Club Penguin Unlock: 500 Coins Code!

Club Penguin has now made it so if you go on to the unlock items page, you can get 500 coins (Only once). Probably for the Coins For Change. The Code that you enter in is DECNLR10.

1. Go to the unlock items page

2. Click I have a code

3.Enter in DECNLR10

4. You get 500 coins

Congratulations! You know have 500 free coins! Thank you Club Penguin and I am going to donate it to Coins for Change. What are you giong to do with it?


Igloo Contest Bug Fixed

Today Billybob on the What’s new blog posted that the Holiday Igloo Contest bug is fixed! Before it was the Halloween Igloo Contest message . Now it says:

                Enter the Holiday Igloo Contest

Would you like to submit your igloo to the contest?

Looks like Club Penguin has fixed 1 of the 2 bugs. The one left is the holiday wing warmers won’t show up!


New Newspaper

Hey everyone! Today is Thursday, and you know what that means! Yet another issue of the new Club Penguin Times has been released!

From tomorrow until the 12th is the igloo holiday contest. Make sure to get your igloo ready and submit it before it’s too late!

From December 17th to the 27th is… COINS FOR CHANGE! Start saving up your coins to help make a difference in the world!

Here are the upcoming events for the next couple weeks:

What are you most looking forward to before Christmas? I’m pretty excited for Coins for Change! How much will you donate? Leave a comment and let us know!